BECOME A DIVIdentist too

And sink your teeth into gebitcoin

As a dentist, Best Dental buy is worth its weight in gold (fillings). You not only share in the knowledge and support, but also in the profits. Being a member of this purchasing cooperative is a win-win. And once you’ve joined, you’re not just a member; you’re a dividentist! You will be paid an annual dividend, benefit from joint purchasing advantages, and get the best deals.

Do you also want to be a smart and successful dividentist? Sink your teeth into Gebitcoin and invest in a share of Best Dental buy. With a guaranteed profit distribution!!

Sink your teeth into gebitcoin

And invest in a share of BEST DENTAL BUY

It’s everywhere. Those who want to earn more with their money invest in cryptocurrency. Digital currency is everywhere and they all promise mountains of gold, but you never know when the value of your bitcoin could drop significantly and unexpectedly. That’s why, as a dentist, you’d be better off investing in a share of Best Dental buy.

Sink your teeth into Gebitcoin and be assured of purchasing benefits and profit distribution. You buy the Gebitcoin for € 1,000.- and share in the profits immediately. In addition, you can buy quality products directly from the manufacturer and share your knowledge with the other dividentists who have also bought into Gebitcoin. The Gebitcoin is your share in the Best Dental buy cooperative. If you ever decide to opt out, you get back your buy-in.

Smart dividentists invest in a share of BEST DENTAL BUY

  • With the Gebitcoin, a share in the cooperative = annual dividend
  • Structural savings on consumables
  • Joint purchasing of high-quality products at a discount
  • Obtaining higher discounts from manufacturers
  • Exclusive Dividentist Deals for members
  • Shared knowledge and support in facility services

Dividentist deals

Being a member of Best Dental buy has many other advantages in addition to the Gebitcoin with dividend payments. For a fixed annual amount of € 250.-, you benefit from purchasing advantages and structurally save on consumables as a dividentist. Not only are higher discounts negotiated with manufacturers, but Best Dental buy also knows how to get the best deals.

The advantage of being a dividentist

Best Dental buy is a purchasing cooperative for smart entrepreneurs who join forces. Together, the dividentists form a purchasing group with many benefits. As a dividentist, you benefit from:

  • Joint purchasing directly from the manufacturer at a discount
  • Sharing of high-level knowledge in a network of smart entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur in a cooperative way with over 100 practices already on board
  • Support in more and more facility services

Dividentists have a share in Best Dental buy and share in the profits!